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Head of Product

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New York City, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for creative, driven scientists to join us part-time at Edge. You’ll have the chance to help solve some of the biggest problems facing the cultivated meat industry.

Work closely with the c-suite team to tailor company deliverables.
Develop and work with a team to generate written content within a given timeline.
Communicate effectively the status of multiple on-going projects.
Design experiments to improve culture efficiency and yield in bench scale bioreactors
Design, implement, and optimize upstream cell culture processes for mammalian species
Isolate culture, and manage the long term culture of primary mammalian cells
Utilize food-grade equipment and consumables to culture cell-laden biomaterials
Maintain detailed reports in an electronic lab notebook
Attend weekly meetings


About the Company

Edge Foods is an early startup in the cellular agriculture space. We’re reinventing the production of meat in an effort to create a sustainable agricultural system for our future. We’re focused on addressing the challenges around scalability currently facing the cultivated meat industry to help manufacturers. Check us out:

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