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You can have your meat and eat it too.

We're on a mission to create tasty, affordable meat. Better for the planet, and better for your health.

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Agriculture has always been a hotbed of innovation, with its progress drastically influencing the course of human history. We're now witnessing how our current methods won't sustain our future.  So we're looking ahead.

// we're at the edge of what's coming next.


Our Edge

Our main focus is addressing the scalability issue that the cultivated meat industry is facing. How do we drive down costs and maximize yields, all while creating a great product?

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Mammalian cells are sensitive. We're encapsulating our babies in a protective biomaterial, ensuring they can withstand the shear forces of industrial bioreactors. 

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Co-culturing System

By reverse-engineering biological communication systems, we can signal our cells to grow, without the use of FBS.

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Our Very Own
Growth Factors

The most expensive components in cultivated meat are the recombinant proteins. Our innovative methodology allows us to grow them in-house.


Taste & Texture Quality Control

Not another meat alternative! We want to produce real meat products with familiar tastes & textures. We're committed to an intense recipe optimization plan.

Our Team

The Dream Team

Besides our novel tech, we're bringing a whole smorgasbord of expertise. Between our founders and our advisory board, we're a mix of techies, foodies, and designers.

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Manny Tamargo

Manny obtained his PhD in cardiac tissue engineering from Columbia University. He's been published in peer-reviewed journals, and was previously the director at a top alternative protein advisory firm.

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Bianca Drevensek

Bianca graduated from Syracuse University with a dual degree in Advertising and Food Studies. She is a product designer & branding/business specialist with over 6 years of experience in the food industry. 

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